Books brought to us in the interest of being sold are necessarily evaluated at no cost to the seller, and can usually be done in a short amount of time with a member of our staff. These evaluations are not meant to be indicative of any greater or objective value, but rather an estimate of what we or another reputable bookdealer would be likely to pay for a book or collection of books, factors of condition and circumstance considered. What we offer is an opinion informed by professional experience; it is usually by nature a conservative estimate, for the purposes of giving the books' owner a sense of whether something is worth selling, donating, or keeping.

Appraisals differ in that they are more time-consuming research projects that culminate in a written document intended to provide evidence for a book or collection of books having inherent monetary value. Appraisals are typically needed for estate, insurance, and tax purposes, and for very valuable material. Apprasials, as opposed to evaluations, are services for which we charge an hourly rate.

If you would like to have your book(s) evaluated with an estimate of saleability, please make an appointment as you would to sell books. If you are interested in having your book(s) appraised, please contact Chan Gordon with some preliminary details about your material. In some cases an appraisal might best be carried out by a professional with a different expertise, in which case we will attempt to help you find the right appraisor for your collection.