The Bookstore


The Captain's Bookshelf is located on the Northwestern edge of Downtown Asheville at 31 Page Avenue. We buy and sell books with an eye for quality--whether it's a five dollar paperback or a five figure manuscript.

Our inventory consists of "good books in good condition" in literature, poetry, art, gardening, regional history, philosophy, religion, classical studies, children's books and more.

We run an open shop and are proud to be continually sustained by the physical presence of our community and visitors to our store. For this reason, our online inventory purposely represents a fraction of our in-store stock.

We encourage and welcome foot traffic to our store, and for customers to browse our shelves the good old-fashioned way. Incidentally, if you are unable to visit us in the store, keep in mind that our website represents only about a quarter of our stock. Customers are always welcome to contact us directly to ask if we have something that isn't listed online.